Energy Bar

Additional Information

Objective Energy
Flavour Crispy Chocolate
Content 24 x 30g

Energy Bar

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Product Description

Crispy energy bar with crisps that are covered with chocolate.

Carbohydrates are essential for endurance sports. When you take carbohydrates for efforts lasting longer than 45 minutes, your performance will already improve. A good energy bar mainly consists of carbohydrates and has a low protein and fat level. Your body needs carbohydrates during and after physical efforts but it needs much less proteins and fats.

The present carbohydrates provide the muscles with immediate energy. They will enhance endurance and delay exhaustion. The blood sugar level remains at a more constant level, so you have less energy loss and avoid hungry moods!

The Energy Bar is also ideal for those looking for an easy snack to counteract the loss of physical exertion or emerging from hunger. Moreover, the Energy Bar has a great chocolate taste!

Flavour: Crispy Chocolate
Packaging: A display contains 24 bars of 30g.
Allergen information: Contains cereals (gluten), soy and milk (lactose) or derivates thereof. Can contain traces of (pea)nuts and sesame seeds.

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