Performance - Quality is our priority

For a considerable time, there is a trend noticeable that people are more concerned with their health. There has been more intensive exercising and the quality of life becomes more important.


The importance of our daily nutrition is often being emphasized, but many people still have questions and problems which are mostly not answered. That is why scientific research into nutrition and supplements evolves very fast.


Therefore, Nutrico NV spends an enormously amount of time on the development of new products and research for new ingredients. The relation between nutrition and nutrition supplements is more often being accepted as a necessary combination.


In order to appeal to a wider target group of both professional and recreational athletes, the products of Nutrico were divided into two segments, each with their own recipes, look and sub-branding.


The top products of the ‘Performance’ range are marketed as ‘Nutrition for Athletes’ and retained a black packaging. The original target group, bodybuilders, is still extremely important, but Nutrico wants to provide to all professional athletes, such as football and soccer players, cyclists and endurance athletes.

Nutrico appeals more to the increasing number of recreational athletes with its Performance products marketed as ‘Sports Nutrition’ in a blue packaging. Joggers, cyclists, fitness athletes and anyone else who regularly engages in sport or physical exercise can find the right nutrition supplements and related products in the Performance rage in, among others, fitness centers, diet or health food stores and even pharmacies.

The Performance range includes products for various purposes like: slimming, gaining more endurance, a better recovery, gaining weight and increasing strength.


The Performance nutritional supplements are being produced from ingredients and substances of excellent quality. “Quality is our Priority” means that every claim made about the effectiveness of each product is 100% truthful. Furthermore, the Performance products are also 100% safe, all the products of Nutrico have an official and verifiable notification number.

20 years Performance