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  • Athlete in the picture: Marten Van Riel
    Athlete in the picture: Marten Van Riel
    Marten Van Riel: 185 Team Marc Herremans, athlete for DefenseQualified for the Olympics in Rio 2016 Why did you start with triathlon? Already at a young age, I practiced the three disciplines separately, swimming at the club in Kalmthout, cross country running and cycling purely as a hobby. In none of these three disciplines I was really a standout. Just for fun, I participated in recreational triathlons on my 16th. In comparison with the other participants, my material was not really great; no wetsuit, a much too small (children's) road bike,… Luckily, I soon got a proposal of my role model Marc Herremans (founder of the 185 Coaching Center) to be part of the 185 triathlon team. Thanks to his tailored guidance and the high-quality material of the sponsors, good results quickly followed. One year later, I was already included in the youth circuit of the national selection. After this, everything went better and better.   Greatest / worst training? Since last year, I’m closely supervised by Joel Filliol and I train abroad very often, together with the best triathletes in the world (among them Mario Mola - ESP). I most enjoy a long duration ride in the mountains. Because I’m almost always training, I can’t really explore a country, but with the bike you get to see the most beautiful places in nature. The worst trainings for me are swimming in water that is too cold, then 1h30 can be very, very long Read more >>>
  • WBBF-WFF Grand Prix
    WBBF-WFF Grand Prix
    Performance will be present at the WBBF-WFF Grand Prix , Sunday 25/10/15 at Maastricht Read more >>>
  • First Class Gym meets Performance
    Performance will be present at First Class Gym on 26/09/15 from 10.00h until 14.00h. Visit us in Gent Read more >>>


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