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Informations: Endurance


Endurance is a matter of replenishing your energy supply in time, postponing exhaustion as long as possible and a fast  recovery.

The preparation of performing successfully begins a long time before the endurance effort.


Proper nutrition plays an important role in this, but that alone is not enough to perform successfully.

From here on, Performance gives athletes an optimal choice from a selection of various food supplements.

It is obvious that there already has to be enough energy in the body before the effort, to easily and uncomplicatedly pass through the first phase of an endurance effort.


During the effort, it is a matter of replenishing the energy supply on a regular base. That way, the exhaustion will be postponed and endurance will be ensured.


In the Performance supplement schedule, you can find a part of the products which are ideal to use before, during and after the effort.

These are guidelines which need to be adjusted to everyone’s needs, but it is a decent guide to help you find the right supplements.